VSCRL is Tom Paolantonio, Adam Primack, and Loren Silber. The group currently works at Lime Studios, the esteemed audio post-production facility in Santa Monica, California. They share a passion for field recording, sound design/mixing, and virtual reality (Tom heads the studio's VR department)- thus, a passion project took form: gathering a diverse collection of sounds to be used in spatial audio projects. Several months later, the crew has amassed quite a library of ambisonic ambiences to be used in your own projects!




The ambisonic format was developed in  the 1970s. What advantage could this possibly offer over more traditional formats like stereo, 5.1, or 7.1 formats? 

Height is the single greatest advantage of B-format recordings versus traditional surround recordings. For interactive forms of media (video games, 360 video, and VR), immersive sound is hugely important. Incorporating ambisonic ambience beds is a simple and effective starting point for creating fully immersive soundscapes for your content.


Are your ambiences able to be used in more traditional stereo or 5.1 mixes as well?

Yes! Our B-format files are easily converted to any format you need including stereo, 5.1, or 7.1. 

To make things even easier for you, each library includes B-Format (in both major channel orders, AmbiX and FuMa), 7.1, 5.1, and Stereo versions of each sound.


What's the deal with the videos?

In addition to the audio files, we also provide you with a 360 video of the ambience recorded for reference and to help you easily pick the best ambience for your project saving you time and hassle.